July 7, 2008

If I had more money, I'd spend a bunch of it on fonts.

So I was in LA today riding around on my bike when I came across a decent free magazine that I'd never heard of before. While flipping through it, I came across an ad for one of my favorite type foundries... House Industries. They have some radical fonts!!! I hope everyone will someday know the pleasure of finally finding a radical font for a job [I think thats the correct technical term? You know, not your job job.] or design assignment. I wish I could just hand letter like that! Although, being a graphic designer back in the time of paste-ups and hand lettering would be way more work there are just so many times when I wish I could bust out some hand drawn type. Limitless permutations of sweet sweet letter forms.

Check out this ampersand sculpture! I hecka want one!

Man, now I feel weird.

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