July 7, 2008

Graffiti Research Lab

Well, whats up doodz. Check out the radical Open Source project(s) of the inimitable GRL. They have masterminded many a sweet project in relation to public art, graffiti and free speech... g'wan and check it out at graffitiresearchlab.com!

My favorite project of theirs is this killer bike sound system called the Audio Tricycle... not really physical, but audio, graffiti... I've always wanted to do this with a sweet dub mixtape and a bmx bike!!!

I also think this Laser Tagging deal is pretty sick... its been around for a while, so chances are you've seen it... but nevertheless it's a neat DIY movement.


ib said...

'evening, shred.

I'm liking this 'pied piper of brooklyn' dude's attitude; having said that, depending on the decibel level, I'd probably shoot his woofers out if he strayed onto my turf...

it ain't just the 'sheriff' who packs!

shredcitizen said...

Well, yeah, I agree with you if it was during the middle of the night or something, but I think that if I came across this guy while walking down the street or while riding in a group ride I'd be smilin'.

Tim M said...

how does that laser tagging work?

shredcitizen said...

tim m: i believe they have a how-to for laser tagging on their site so you can build your own!

there is a how-to and the source code!