September 9, 2008

I'm having a little problem with Fancy Nancy...

Fancy Nancy's hilarious half-hour program Fancy Nancy's Funny Hour takes you into the apartment and life of the childlike Fancy Nancy, whose real name is Faryl Millet. Reminiscent of Pee-wee in Pee-wee's Playhouse, the fresh-faced hostess introduces you to her friends: Four Year Fred, a sassy stuffed bunny; Hula, a dancing doll; and The Source, her plastic horse who answers all her questions like a Magic 8-Ball. Fancy Nancy dances around in pajamas, cooking and laughing, perpetually on a search for her signature red glasses. The show is produced, written, conceived, filmed and edited by Millet, and the low-tech production adds to its charm. "I have a camera, and then I put the camera on stools and sometimes stools on stools! It's precarious, to say the very least," she says. Music from her and her boyfriend Nick's iTunes- collection -- Leonard Cohen, Kraftwerk, Disney tunes -- makes up the soundtrack for the "dance breaks."

Millet is a graduate of NYU's Experimental Theatre Wing. Like Sacha Baron Cohen when portraying Borat, Millet will only respond to you in character. She has lively MySpace and YouTube pages, and replies to any fans who send her an e-mail (she gets hundreds of them). She especially loves to be invited to parties. Keep an eye on Fancy Nancy -- you never know what she might do next. Fancy Nancy's Funny Hour airs Mondays at midnight and Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. on MNN.
Drew Elliott from

Marc Horowitz Improves America

SF Artist, Marc Horowitz, on one of his many stops on his 'Improve America Tour.'


September 3, 2008