July 12, 2008

"Step Away from the Insulin."

Stomp, urinate, and burn your history books like you're an autistic kid repulsed by the sensation of clothing touching your skin.

Like a grown man living on nothing but oh-so sweet otter pops, modern culture has grown inert and lazy. Our culture is in a diabetic coma.

It is time to defile what we hold so dear to us: History. The Past. Nostalgia.
Dependence on our predeccessors' success. Faith in past-influenced structures.

Every generation deserves the right to practice, excercise, and explore alternative forms of human organization and communication. It is crucial that we break away from any association with history as a pillar of our national and individual identities. We need to solve historical problems with our own current knowledge because they are our own unique burdens.

A rant by: AMA! 07.12.08

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