July 10, 2008

frank chimero

i'm pretty smitten with the work of frank chimero... he has a nice organic pen and ink illustration style that isn't lost when its polished up on the computer... clean and simple excecution... classssssy.

i really dig these sweet kind of motivational design graphics... ive been meaning to print this one out that i posted here and put it up on my wall. heck, if i was a tattoo kind of guy id get this tattooed on me somewhere, because it would probably save me from more than a few situations, design and otherwise... i also kind of want the entire garamond character set inked on my back... but i think its kind of late for that... oh well... what font character set would you have on your back? please dont say sand... man i just saw this movie... letters from iwo jima... really good, but what the heck would make you want to use the sand font for the title credits?!

postscript: its really hard to choose just one of his works.. they are siiiiiick... check out his flickr stream too, theres just too much good stuff...

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