April 18, 2008

hi my name is seth, i dont make alot of money, im a nice guy so i dont expect alot of honey

hi, i backhandedly snuck my way into this shredtastic blog by way of my little brother doran. blame him. but i will prove to be an invaluable asset, i swear! im wrapping up my 9 month stay in tokyo, with only like 18 more days to go... its pretty awesome out here, and im kinda sad to have to temporarily go back to live in my parents house and live in my little brothers room... man thats depressing... you live outside for 7 years and its not even our old room, just his. oh well... no need to stay down! lets get stoked!

heres something i made earlier this semester for a class... i still cant believe i got away with it... but getting stoked is my number one priority these days, so i could talk it up pretty enthusiastically... basically it all started out when i was hecka stoked on this one saturday.. well let me back up, i was in a kinda winter funk, feeling really isolated and depressed in japan, even though i go to an american university and have friends and stuff... but anyways... drinking super heavily... missing seattle and my seattle crew (midtown top ranking!) and my family in irvine, and my dog and all that... so this particular saturday, i get up... its freaking gorgeous outside (uncharacteristic of tokyo in my experience) which, you know is going to stoke you out anyways, but thats not all... i wake up to a gorgeous day and i wanna go take photos... i set out for weekly brunch (oh man, 2 consecutive brunch mentions by the walots... jeez) and mid-brunch my tomodachi (thats friend to all you english speakers) calls me and is like "dude, lets go out and cruise around and take photos!" and my spirit just gets shot upwards to the clouds... i...am...totally...stoked!!!!! so i jump on the subway and get my camera... and im just so pumped, i forget what i was listening to, but im like walkdancing down the street, huge goofy grin and all, through the train station... and if youve ever walked around tokyo... or maybe any large metropolis... japanese people on the train, when they arent hecka drunk (if you are a salaryman, its probably pretty often), are really solemn and have melancholy expressions... and im getting all these stares from all these people... anyways it was a good day... but then on monday my friend, erm ともだち, is retelling his anecdote about smiling in the train station... and i was like HECK YES!! GET STOKED!! so then while not paying attention in japanese class i doodled my proudest creation... POSI KAT! so then i also coincidentally had an art project due soon, so i made the first (and currently only) posi kat... and so here it is:

yeah, so stay stoked. i also just finished a zine called awkwardly dashing #1. you can download it from this link.

ill leave you all with these 2 incredible videos, that blow my mind... i wanna be that kid in the red sweater freaking out! i hope these kids all know how incredibly blessed they were to be on the set of sesame street that day... incredible performace, and too darn funky!! oh yeah everyone needs to go out and get the pigeon john lp pigeon john and the summertime pool party, super rad, super posi party rap. if anyone has a spare early 70's stevie wonder horn section with additional trombone around, please let them follow me around.. or a mariachi band

ok. im out

get stoked/stay posi/get stoked!

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