April 18, 2008

So I think I kind of forgot that I planned to post here! Better late than never. Hope that California weather is nice, we've had some quality porch weather out in Western Mass this week. 80 degrees tomorrow! Take that, 74 in Irvine (small victories)!

I thought I'd share with you guys some of my friends' blogs. They vary in purpose.


This is my friend Ellen's new blog. She just started finding little oddities she found cute, funny, or cool and doing research about them.


That's the official blog of the Golden Bear. He lives next door to me. We work at Admissions together, too. He and his friends have professional wrestling alter-egos. They have a feud going with some other writers. Sometimes they get drunk and fight and I watch. They all have fun blogs (linked to on the side of TGB's blog). I'd recommend looking at a couple of them for a more well-rounded experience. THE GOLDEN BEAR...(thegoldenbear)!


My brother's still in Japan (for another couple weeks). He just went to a penis festival.

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