February 29, 2008

Style 4

Taken from here.

J.D. Emmanuel

"I have an extensive background in spiritual and metaphysical studies. This is another influence in how I compose and perform my music as I also look at my music as an Electronic Meditation. ... My music is very similar to a mediatation in that the mantrum is the cyclic, poly rhythmic music foundation that I use to set the theme of the composition. The leads and rhythms are my meditations based on the mantrum foundation.

Not only is my music for general listening, it can also enhance the ability of the mind and the spirit to go beyond what is considered the "normal" boundaries of the five senses to the "Source of One's Being" for work with creativity, increase spiritual awareness, mind expansion or to just have a nice time being there to refresh the Soul. My music is wonderful as background when working, reading or studying to help focus for better retention without getting too tired, as well as used for relaxation or during a massage to release tension better for deeper body work."

Search his website for some pretty insane mp3's his put up...


Anonymous said...

Is that David Cross!?!

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