February 22, 2008

Ert Ert Ert Ert

If you've seen "There Will Be Blood," you might be hyped on the spoof, "There Will Be Tacos!"

As found on Super Deluxe

Lately, I've been checking fashion blogs recently and I am constantly impressed by 'old man' fashion, as opposed to slutty male hipster residing in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Anyways, here's what I am aspiring for. I still can't get over the strong tones and colors of his juxtaposed with such a light-hearted bandana scarf.

As found on The Satorialist

¡AMA te AMA!


N said...

Psh that has nothing on my yet to be made parody There Will Be Bud. It'll be a hit!

Andrew said...

And I don't know why my name showed up as N although it is a prettttyyy cool James Bondesque codename.