May 21, 2008

I went to high school with these people

as proof I'll give their names. From left to right, Anita Leung, Maggie Tran, Samantha Ngo. I don't remember the guys names because they were lame, but I think the one on the bottom is Eric.

Boardshorts as outerwear! Jean capris! Jean short tan lines! Foam flip flops!

I first found this picture on someones myspace which might be whatever but that person lives in Chigago and all of these guys still go to school in California. That was.. three years ago. Now, in 2008, I find the picture again on another persons page

Am I right? Is this crazy?

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¡AMA te AMA! said...

Let's take a re-enactment shot.

I'll get out the bowl cut!